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Better Body was founded in 1995 by Mark Mills, MS, CSCS. Better Body serves the needs of local athletes through strength and conditioning and personal training services and the needs of people from around the globe through our online membership area.


Our Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning departments consist of NSCA certified trainers who work with local athletes, bodybuilders, active adults and those interested in general fitness and weight management.


By combining our passion for sport and fitness with our interest in emerging web technologies, we developed a premier online membership area for people all over the world. A low-cost alternative to personal training, the web based approach provides clients with convenient access to our qualified staff and access to an interactive community of fitness enthusiasts who share similar goals.

Our Vision - Local Clients

Our vision for our local clientele is to provide safe and effective training programs for athletes, active adults, or anyone else committed to improving their sports performance or fitness level. We combine our knowledge, experience and passion for fitness to educate, motivate and ensure your continued progress. We understand that every client is different and our customized, 1-on-1 approach addresses each unique set of goals.


We believe in providing clients with a comprehensive, goal-specific program that covers strength, flexibility, plyometrics, aerobic conditioning and nutrition. We provide you with everything you need to be successful.


Because the fitness lifestyle is much more than the few hours spent training each week, our work does not end on the playing field or weight room. Our trainers will show you exactly how to integrate a total fitness solution into your lifestyle.

Our Vision - Online Clients

Our vision at Better Body is to provide high quality fitness advice and build an outstanding interactive community of highly motivated members all over the world.


We are not about to provide yet another fitness site with automated training and nutrition program generators. Instead, we provide tailored fitness advice along with high value tools that enhance our members’ success. Our trainers get to know our members, their needs, goals and aspirations. We focus our time and effort on integrating the latest research in exercise and nutrition to give our members the extra edge they need to succeed.


Hiring a local personal trainer is not always an option. Our online membership takes on the role of ‘virtual personal trainer’ by proving guidance and motivation. Not only will you pay a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer, but you will have unlimited access to your virtual trainer.

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